RF Filter Design

For the final project of my microwave design class I used ADS to design and layout a low pass filter. The design was then manufactured and was tested in lab to compare the results from ADS.

Astronics AES Internship

After my junior year in college I interned at Astronics AES. As an intern I worked in the product support group helping with lab tests. I also worked with other interns to create a test device for one of the company’s products.

Autonomous Mapping Robot

A robot that can start at any place in a room and autonomously navigate back to its charging station without human intervention. It has the ability to create a 2D map of the room before retuning.

Accessing the Web with Python

A python script that downloads and parses webpages from Oregon State’s course catalog. It will send a notification by email based on the number of available seats for the course. The script runs on a server and can be scheduled to run multiple times a day.

My First Project

As a senior in high school I took on a project that would allow me to learn about electronics. The project allows users to manually shift data into a shift register and see the register’s output on LEDs.